Sienna X - Express Yourself Tanning Mist

Express Yourself Tanning Mist - 150ml

Incredibly easy to apply spray tan with 8% DHA, providing gorgeous, instant colour that develops over 2-4 hours into a deeper, golden tan.

Customers can also customise their shade by applying a second coat if a darker tan is required. Perfect for touching up areas like face and hands too, which are prone to fading faster, helping to prolong a Sienna X spray tan.


Sienna X - Extend And Perfect Gradual Tan

Extend and Perfect Gradual Tan - 200ml

A rich and luxurious moisturising cream with 4% DHA to gradually build up a natural looking, heavenly, sun-kissed tan or use to prolong a Sienna X sunless tan.

The anti-cellulite formulation helps skin appear smoother and firmer, while the exotic coconut/vanilla fragrance may just transport your customers to the beach of their dreams.


Sienna X - Extremely Natural Self Tan

Extremely Natural Self Tan - 200ml

A heavenly, seductive tanning cream that provides streak-free instant colour, while the anti-cellulite formula helps tone and smooth your skin, so you'll feel as good as you look.

Incredibly easy to apply as the guide colour shows you where you've been. Wait for 8 hours for the gorgeous, natural colour to fully develop before showering off and patting dry.


Sienna X - Exquisitely Soft Body Polish

Exquisitely Soft Body Polish - 200ml

Naturally fragranced with grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils, this gorgeous pomegranate, kiwi and walnut scrub, removes impurities and polishes away dead skin cells to reveal a silky-soft, PH balanced finish perfect for absorbing any of the Sienna X tanning products or eXceptional radiance moisturising balm.


Sienna X - Exotically Rich Face & Body Wash

Exotically Rich Face & Body Wash - 200ml

Fabulously moisturising and rich, this ultra-mild gel won't strip a Sienna X sunless tan and is even gentle enough for facial use.

Containing silk protein, anti-oxidant ginger extract, aloe vera and delicately fragranced with lemongrass and ginger, skin will feel beautifully clean and soft, as well as looking visibly smoother and more radiant.


Sienna X - Exceptional Radiance Moisturising Balm

Exceptional Radiance Moisturising Balm - 200ml

A perfectly balanced moisturiser combining luxurious natural ingredients - shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and anti-oxidant vitamin E - with subtle flecks of fine gold mica to beautifully enhance tanned skin with a luminescent sheen.

With its light, non-greasy formulation and intoxicating fragrance, this product is ideal for maintaining a longer lasting sunless tan.


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